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About us

Tessuti Naturali, UAB – reliable supplier of wool blankets and linen textile worldwide. According to the market trends and demand, we manufacture high quality wool blankets, linen textile and pay special attention to the requirements of all our customers to meet their needs.

Main export countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Hong-Kong, China, Israel, Sweden, Norway, United States and other.

Our values

Several qualities of jacquard blankets with different finishing – 100% wool blankets with fringes and 88% wool/ 12% cotton blankets with overlock finishing.

New weaving facilities (wide width Dornier weaving looms with Stäubli jacquards) allow us to produce highest quality of wool products, using big variety of weaving patterns, jacquard designs.

Strong focus on new designs development – own designs and customer’s designs for jacquard blankets, cushion covers.

Production is based in Lithuania, where industrial textile sector is one of the most important ant strongest industries.

New weaving facilities allow production of highest quality fabrics, using big variety of weaving patterns and designs.

Weaving looms („Dornier“, „Picanol“) width up to 390 cm jacquard and dobby;

Blankets can be woven in different size (maximum width of blanket can be 240 cm).

Blanket design can include maximum 6 different colours.

Width of fabrics (after finishing): 150 cm, 180 cm, 220 cm, 300 cm.

Cushion covers designs can match blankets designs.

Stäubli“ jacquards

Warping machine „Hacoba“

Don’t hesitate – Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

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